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Our Kayak Equipment

KayakTrailerMill Pond Kayak, LLC has fifteen kayaks available for your group. There are five 2-person tandem kayaks made by Wilderness Systems. These Pamlico 135T kayaks are 13-1/2 feet long, 31″ wide, weigh 69 lbs., and can carry up to 500 lbs. The cockpits are a spacious 24″ wide and 90″ long. They can quickly be converted into a solo kayak as well.

The ten single kayaks are made by Old Town. There are five Vapor 12XT kayaks that are 12 feet long, 28.5″ wide, weigh 56 lbs., and can carry up to 375 lbs. The cockpits are 19.5″ x 49″. The remaining five Vapor 10XT kayaks are 10 feet long, 28.5″ wide, weigh only 48 lbs., and can carry up to 325 lbs. The cockpits are 19.5″ x 48″.

All of these kayaks have comfortable seats with adjustments for back support, cup-holders, adjustable foot rests, and ample storage space. They have handles on each end for easy transport. They are very stable in the water and easy to navigate. We have five youth PFD vests that fit kids from 50 to 90 lbs. We also have 20 adult universal PFD vests.

Some folks seem to have a phobia of kayaks. They are familiar with the “whitewater” version that has a small cockpit opening, and they’re afraid they’ll flip over and get trapped underneath the water. But our style of recreational kayaks are completely different, with spacious cockpits that are easy to enter and exit. Also, they are very wide so they do not tip over easily.

There’s a good reason why this activity is growing so fast in popularity. So please come see for yourself how enjoyable our Kayak Tours really are. I promise you won’t regret it!


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