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Getaways For Grownups

By Hope S. Philbrick

"To paddle Mill Pond is to glide on smooth black water under towering trees. Kayaking here is simultaneously easy and challenging. The water is smooth, there’s no current or tide to worry about, and almost no other boat traffic. The challenge is maneuvering between all the cypress trees. It feels sort of like pinball-ing around and you’re the ball. The pace of the trip is as relaxed as you want it to be, so you can take your time and be careful not to hit a tree as well as appreciate the surrounding natural wonders. 

"Wesley Hendley offers guided paddles through ten miles of black water trails. He has one of the world’s best jobs, especially since his “office” is the Mill Pond which can accurately be described as “serene” and “tranquil.” He makes the trip easy for guests, providing the kayaks, paddles, floatation vests, instructions and leading the way. He also takes outstanding photos throughout the trip that he’ll share with you afterwards.  READ MORE